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Chis Dunn - Classical Guitarist
Classical Guitar cermonies for weddings and events. I have toured Japan, Costa Rica and United States with my classical guitar group and a demo CD is available for your review. I can be reached by phone at 410-961-4048 or by email at

The Ketubah Company
A modern ketubah is a document signed by the wedded couple, and often by a third party such as the wedding officient, declaring the intents thoughts, feelings, wishes and responsibilities of each to the other. In religious Jewish ceremonies, a ketubah is regarded as a marriage contract that sets out the basic conjugal, moral and material responsibilities of the husband towards his wife.

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Stacey Meadows Photography
Stacy Meadows is available to photograph small outdoor weddings in Maryland and Virginia, Maryland courthouse weddings and destination weddings. I would love to hear all about your family, and wedding plans. Please e-mail or call so we can plan beautiful photos for your family!

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The first step in planning the marriage ceremony is a meeting with Rabbi Block, who provides the couple with materials about the various options for planning the ceremony. "My role is to provide the information so people can make informed choices. The goal is for the ceremony to be a reflection of the people involved, regardless of how they plan on raising their children or what religion will dominate in the home."

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Marriages by Rabbi Block

Interfaith and LGBT Services 

GayRites: the .NETwork for same-sex rituals

GayRites.NET: the .NETwork for same-sex rituals, is devoted to all the rituals of LGBT life, from coming out through marriage to building a life together.

MP Artworks Art for Love & Life

Traditionally, the ketubah is a signed, Jewish wedding document, but these days, ketubot (the plural form of ketubah ) are also meaningful, personal works of art!

Whether you decide you want a ketubah with all the extras ( ketubah STUDIO ) – including a full array of custom ketubah options – or a ketubah that’s more basic ( ketubah 4less ), you’ve arrived at the right place.                                    

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