Marriages by Rabbi Block

Interfaith and LGBT Services 

Rabbi Block,

I just wanted to send a note of thanks. People absolutely loved you, and were commenting all day on how wonderful you were. You added so much to our wedding, and I cannot thank you enough. Most importantly,
my father, and Rebecca's father thought you were fantastic.

take care,

Dear Rabbi Block,
It is pretty difficult to describe our pleasure and gratitude for your officiating at our son's wedding. To have worked with the Reverend and incorporate both faiths in such a dignified, respectful, and inclusive way was a challenge and a marvelously well done one. The ceremony touched many in a way that I cannot describe. It left guests with a very special feeling as well as seeing that such a ceremony can be done and in fact should be done for those who desire it.

Such a ceremony is hard in and of itself and I think that both families were exceptionally pleased. I have been getting phone calls since the wedding with such praise of the ceremony and wedding.

Again, thank you for taking the wedding and providing our family as well as the bride and her family a special send off to hopefully a good life together.

Couples' Comments

" Thank you, Rabbi Block, so much for your participation in our wedding. We have received countless compliments about the ceremony.

We even received a compliment from another interfaith couple that our ceremony was much better than their own. Your sense of humor, warmth, and understanding were perceptible to everyone in attendance. I had many doubts that the ceremony would ever happen, since I was having so much trouble finding a Rabbi who would not only conduct the ceremony, but who would also believe in it. Once I met with you, I knew we would have a beautiful ceremony. If the ceremony is any indication of the type of future that we will have together, then it will be one of understanding, appreciation, and love."

From Jordan:

Although my husband is not Jewish, he was completely supportive of us having a Jewish wedding. We spent a long time interviewing Rabbis to find someone who would marry us and celebrate our union in a way that made both of us comfortable. Rabbi Block did a great job making the wedding personal and keeping us happy and comfortable.

Click here to see photos from Jordan and Justin's ceremony at the National Museum for Women in the Arts!

Dear Rabbi Block,

Gregory and I can't thank you enough for the beautiful service at our son's wedding.  We had many people come up to us and were very impressed with the ceremony.  You established an excellent balance between the interests of both faiths.  We particularly appreciate that you could supply yarmulkes to those that wanted them.

Our family appreciated spending time with you on Friday night after the rehearsal, as well.

Greg and Linda

We want to thank you for a wonderful wedding ceremony. You truly helped to make it memorable. You melded a wonderful blend of lightheartedness with the serious. We know it meant a lot to our parents and especially to us. Plus, We think you ought to know that you have been the subject of many conversations by the people who attended the wedding. They loved your approach, explanations and humor. My sister has already informed me that she wants you to marry her daughter. Of course, you're going to have to wait another 12-15 years or so. My niece is just reaching bat mitzvah age now. Type your paragraph here.

Dear Rabbi Block, 

Thank you for officiating our wedding! We loved it! The ceremony was so enjoyable and special. We can't wait to see the video. Your warm and fun loving demeanor set the tone for the ceremony which couldn't have been better. We received a lot of positive feedback from our guests. Many said the service was fun, unique, and even entertaining! You also did a great job explaining the Jewish traditions so all the guests could participate and enjoy. We can't thank you enough for being a big part of our special day! Thank you for giving your time and guidance!

Dear Rabbi Block, 

When our daughter Rachel and Son-in-Law Ezra were married by you it was by far the best wedding  I have ever witnessed.   You crafted a great custom fitted ceremony that showed that you really listened and understood all the nonsense that was going on.  I was busily paying rapt attention while you spoke so I have no idea how others reacted to your comments, but my mom and I were really loving every nuanced word.  Never have I been at a wedding where I was sorry when it was all done because I wanted more.  If there were more Rabbis who adhered to your philosophy, more Jews would want to be practicing Jews.  Why don't more people want to make it palatable?  I read on your website about your humane approach and it just sounds so kind and logical.  Good for you, and thank you so much for the wonderful job.  

Thank you again for all your wonderful work.

Hi Rabbi!

Andrea and I recently celebrated our one year anniversary (it never ceases to amaze me how quickly a year can go by) and as part of our celebration we sat down and watched all 2 1/2 hours of our wedding video. We didn't need the video to remind us just how amazing our wedding was, but it reminded me that I wanted to thank you again for helping make our wedding ceremony so perfect. We just loved how you made our guests feel like part of the ceremony and how you kept it light-hearted and fun, yet still maintained that sense of sacredness that is so important in the marriage of two people. People have commented to us how fun and how special our wedding was (one of my mom's friends recently said it was the best she had ever been to), and you had a lot to do with that.

So thank you for helping to set us off on this beautiful path, and thank you for doing it with style and grace.


We wanted you to know that some of the most consistently positive feedback we've received from friends and family at the wedding was about the ceremony and your conducting it.
We hope you had the chance to meet and get to know some of the guests who truly appreciated your efforts. Thank you for doing such a great job for us, for being patient with our tight schedules, and for helping to ensure we could have the kind of ceremony we really wanted. We will recommend you to anyone who asks.

Rabbi Block found his way into our lives and our hearts at a time that we were searching for spiritual guidance and acceptance. After being rejected from my former temple because my rabbi refused to conduct an interfaith marriage, we found Rabbi Block who responded with an open mind and open arms. His inquisitive nature, compassion and kindness took us by surprise. In a world filled with institutions, Rabbi Block stands apart from the noise. He walked us through writing our own ceremony that truly reflected the love that we share with one another. He discussed the meaning of our marriage, the rituals that we chose, and the traditions that could be infused with our own interpretations. Our friends and family all felt so welcome in his presence that a number of them even asked me if Rabbi Block would marry them although neither partner was Jewish!

Above all else, Rabbi Block has become more than just a man who married us...he became our Rabbi and our friend. He continues to go out of his way to meet with us when we are in need of spiritual guidance and responds not with dogma, but with the direction to find the answers ourselves. This spark of acceptance, of allowing us to find our own truth and to express it in our marriage is unmatched. We love him!!

Dear Rabbi Block,

We are sorry it took us so long to wriite this - too much has happened in the last six months - but we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing job you did at our Nov. 11, 2007 wedding. Our guests could not stop talking about how nice and funny you were and how beautiful and personal our ceremony was. We couldn't be happier with how everything turned out and we will always treasure your kindness and acceptance. Thank you so much for allowing and encouraging us to express ourselves in a way that was meaningful and special to us and our families.

You are absolutely wonderful and we would highly recommend you to anyone asking for references! Thanks for everything!!